Welcome to opendesigns.com, a Tampa, FL based company that specializes in delivering IT solutions to the area's small business market.  Our sole purpose is to put your business on the Internet, where your goods and services are advertised around the world, 24 hours a day.

Not a week goes by where you won't hear about, read about or talk about the Internet.  Businesses today are quickly realizing new ways to take advantage of this new communications outlet - this is no fad.  The world wide web (WWW) and the Internet are rapidly changing the way the entire world obtains information and conducts business. Let's take a glance at some communications landmarks beginning with the first electronic transmissions:

   1860:   39,000 miles of telegraph wire in use worldwide
      1878:   28,000 telephones worldwide
         1949:   1.5 million Americans watching TV
            1983:   400 million telephone subscribers worldwide
               1991:   810 million televisions worldwide
            1995:   40 million people on-line
         2001:  320 million on-line worldwide
       2001:  E-commerce totals over $300 billion
   2003:  E-commerce on pace to break $1 trillion mark
What does the Internet mean to your business?  Tremendous marketing potential!  Millions of potential customers are constantly able to find information about your products and services.  All at a mere fraction of what you probably already spend on traditional advertising. Your competition is probably already taking advantage of this vast resource, can you afford to be left behind?